Brief History

To improve public health, not only can be achieved by relying on the role of government and practitioners from the fields of health, but also the role of strategic communication activities, especially as part of promotive and preventive efforts. Realizing the need to increase public awareness of  the importance of health, mainly by changing the quality of life through

strategic communications, Yayasan Cipta Cara Padu (YCCP) was established in 2008 to sustain donor assisted programs implemented by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs.

Area Expertise

Behavior change communication campaigns implemented to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of the practices of Health.

Community mobilization activities aimed to empower community members in organizing itself and identify a range of issues / problems and initiate activities in an effort to overcome the existing problems.

Advocacy is deployed to influence and motivate policy makers to support initiatives to better health services, as evidenced by an increase in the allocation of programs fund and environment which are interlinked.

Furthermore, YCCP also has expertise in Social marketing, the application of marketing techniques to programs with social benefits such as the application of social research and results analysis for program planning.

The expertise and vast experience possessed covers health and environment issues, including: water, sanitation and hygiene, HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health, family planning, reproductive health, infectious diseases, and environmental conservation.